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Welcome to Acuarela Kidz Academy

Acuarela Kidz is a Preschool for children from ages 18 months to 5 years of age. The preschool is a Reggio Emilia inspired program designed to nurture and educate children.

Acuarela Kidz creates a culturally rich and inspiring learning environment based on the belief that every child is full of intelligence, curiosity, and wonder. We provide before-after school care for school age Children. We offer Spanish lessons, tutoring for reading and Math, and enrichment classes like Dance and art classes. Our highly qualified staff is always ready to provide a learning experience to all the children. .

Our Philosophy

Acuarela Kidz Academy believes that children learn the best while actively interacting with their environment. The main objective of our program is to provide a safe, loving, and encouraging environment where children can learn through exploration and discovery. Our goal is to educate the whole child; targeting cognitive, emotional, physical, and social development. Together, with parental support, we provide a place for children to create, discover, and experience the early years of education in a positive way.

Enrolling Now!

  • Certified Teachers

  • Before & After School care

  • Spanish Immersion Program

  • Creative Curriculum

  • Homework Help (Tutoring)

  • Nutritional Meals

  • Enrichment Programs: Ballet, Paint, and more.

Welcome to Acuarela Kidz Academy

Our Courses

Our programs are designed to improve and strengthen the skills, knowledge and capacities of children in all areas, educational, family, cognitive, and emotional, thus creating young people with a bright future.


Age:18-24 Months Old

At this age, Children expand their curiosity and begin to explore the world around them by using their new gross motor skills (crawling and walking). Through daily routines and play, children are involved in an early stimulation program.


Age: ( 2 years old)

At this age, Independence becomes an evident milestone for two year olds. As they discover all the things they can do they want to do more things for themselves such as eating, washing hands, dressing themselves, and learning to use the toilet. Through various sensorial, fine motor, and gross motor experiences, teachers encourage children to become self-sufficient.


Age: (3 Years Old)

At this Age, Children explore ways to become independent. Adult's role is to support children's desire to do things by themselves, but with proper supervision. Children's classrooms are organized into learning centers. The most common learning centers are: dramatic play, sand and water, blocks, art, science, writing and reading. However, each teacher may create or name their own learinng centers in accordance with the children's interests.


Age: (4 Years Old)

Our Program will provide age appropiate and individualized activities for young children. At this age, children are more independent and able to manipulate their enviroment. As they grow, they are better able to understand other point of view. Children's classrooms are organiazed into learning centers. The most common learning centers are: dramatic play, sand & water, manipulatives, blocks, art, science, writing and reading. However, each teacher may create or name her own learning centers in accordance with the children's interest.

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